Necessary documents required before buying flats and villas

Necessary documents required before buying flats and villas

Necessary documents required before buying flats and villas

Looking out to buy a property sounds exciting. But to avoid unnecessary hassles and legal issues, there is a list of some necessary documents that one must prepare. Being ready with the documents will lead you to a smooth purchasing experience. 

With significant investment, one must carefully plan and prepare things beforehand when purchasing flats or villas. From providing proof of identity to verification of ownership and the legal procedures relating to the property, the documents make a crucial part of the process. 

Why should one prepare documents required for buying flats and villas beforehand?

Buying a flat or villa falls under the purchase of residential properties. The process includes the fulfilment of various financial and legal formalities to transfer the ownership from the seller to the ultimate buyer. Though a large investment, it is a smart way to build wealth and secure financial strength for the future.

Being ready with the documents one may need while purchasing a flat or villa makes the buyer look confident and determined about the purchase. It also helps the buyer to maintain peace of mind while dealing with the legal procedures of the process. 

Some other good reasons to prepare the necessary documents beforehand will include:

  • The ready documents will help the buyer have a smooth and efficient transaction without any unnecessary delays or worries. 
  • There will be no chances of last-minute delays with all the documents needed being ready in the hands of the buyer. 
  • It makes legal procedures much easier. Also, the verification and authorization may be completed early instead of a regular lengthy process. 
  • It helps the buyer ensure all the steps needed have been undertaken and the paperwork is done in the common order. It helps the buyer to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding which may arise in the future. 

Documents required for buying flats or villas 

Coming down the list of documents one may need for purchasing a property; there are many. But, the most necessary ones to be prepared would include:

  • Identity Proof: A document must be presented as identity proof of the buyer. It must be a valid record issued by the government, such as an Aadhar card, passport, voter ID, or PAN card. Also, a driving licence or ration card can be provided for address proof. Utility bills or rental agreements in the buyer's name can also be included. 
  • Income Proof: The buyer must provide adequate information for evidence of his income and financial stability. It may include salary slips, ITR (Income Tax Return) files, bank statements, etc. Though these are generally required documents, depending on the location and type of property you are interested in, some sellers may demand a few more documents than others.
  • Agreement or deed: It is a crucial document involved in the purchase of a property stating the terms and conditions relating to the sale of the property. It specifies various details like the property's location, size, features, purchase price, payment terms, and conditions under which the agreement will be terminated. It also includes legal responsibilities to be conducted by both parties, along with their signatures. 
  • Payment receipts: They are receipts of payments held by the buyer, which serve as proof of past transactions. It includes the date, amount of payment, purpose, and mode of payment. A payment receipt needs to include the signature of either seller or his authorised representative.
  • Power of Attorney: A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document presented to the seller when the seller cannot be present at the time of sale. By such a document, the seller grants a representative the authority to complete the transaction on his behalf. Such documents must include the signature of the seller to ensure their validity. 
  • NOCs: When a property purchased is a part of an under-construction or part of the housing society, it is necessary to obtain a no-objection certificate from the builder or society. It specifies that the property has no disputes with the local authorities. It also ensures that all the taxes and dues have been paid and the buyer can purchase the property.
  • Title Deed: It is a document representing the transfer of ownership from the previous property owners to the buyer. It is the actual proof of ownership of the buyer and is drafted after the payment and fulfilment of all the other responsibilities stated in the property deed. 
  • House Loan: If the buyer has planned or taken a home loan to purchase the property, such documents must also be presented. One must include the loan application form, loan sanction letter, loan agreement, and other relevant documents as required.
  • Sale Deed: The sale deed is a document that transfers the ownership of the property from the seller to the actual buyer. It states the terms and conditions of the sale, the name and description of the property, terms related to price and payment, and other conditions and clauses decided by both the seller and buyer.
  • Tax Receipts And Clearance Certificate: These documents ensure that the buyer is not purchasing the property with any outstanding liabilities or taxes. Tax Receipts are issued by the government when the taxes are duly cleared. A clearance certificate declares that the property is legal and tax-free for the buyer to purchase. 

While these are some must-have documents, other documents must be submitted to the seller and the local authorities to proceed with the purchase. Such other documents may include:

  • Property Insurance 
  • Approved building plan
  • Encumbrance Certificate 
  • Title Deed 
  • Building plan Approval Certificate 
  • Lease deed
  • Building Completion Certificate 
  • Property Survey Reports
  • Occupancy Certificate 


Whether it is the first time one buys a property or they are already experienced, it's always a good idea to keep all the important and related documents prepared. It helps in avoiding any legal issues that may arise during the process. 

Though purchasing a flat or villa is something which requires several days to complete the transactions and various legal formalities, but with all the documents ready it will surely be early. Also, the perks of hassle free buying experience is given.